Celebrating our first year and the contribution of our wonderful mentor Shaun. We could not have developed so quickly without you! The Paladins of St Paul’s celebrated their first year and what a year it was! We have learned so much, become a real STEM presence in our community and boy, have we grown! This year we have:

  1. Mentored two FLL teams and won Rookie grant
  2. Hosted a live stream Kick off event and almost a Regional Event
  3. Competed in Ultimate Goal and made the Nationals
  4. Provided a week of Science Week events for our school
  5. Hosted a 24Hours of STEM segment
  6. Emceed and judged at FLL and FGC tournaments
  7. Manned the Australian FTC Help Desk and mentored regional teams, providing vital game pieces
  8. Hosted a Mars Rover launch Breakfast Party
  9. Competed in and won the Student Robotics International Challenge
  10. Competing in the Malaysian Roboticist Competition
  11. Established a CSIRO Professionals in Schools partnership with our Amazing mentor Shaun
  12. Grown from 4 students to over 20…. and we aren’t counting the new FLL teams yet!

We can’t wait for 2021!