The Paladins have leapt into 2021 with a bang! This year, our team has competed in the international Student Robotics competition ran out of London, alongside teams from the UK, Malaysia, Indonesia and France. The competition sees us given a (virtual) robot to compete in the 2021 game, Radars of the Lost Ark, where teams have to claim (and steal!) towers from each other, all by writing and submitting code - which will then be simulated against other team’s robot code, along with exciting commentary from the brilliant team at Student Robotics!

While we are currently in 7th Place after round 3, each round we continue to improve. Our first iteration only used basic dead reckoning. Next time, we added some randomness so that the robot still had a chance of competing, even if it got stuck. In our latest Friendly match, our robot showed its best performance yet with navigation using the tower signals (and lots of trigonometry, along with help from our brilliant mentor, Shaun!)

You can watch our latest match below!

Also, the extremely talented animator David Voigt got a bit cheeky and decided to try a little strategy of his own…